sediment yield

Erosion as a Factor of Transformation of Soil Radioactive Contamination in the Basin of the Shchekino Reservoir (Tula Region)

Redistribution of sediments and Chernobyl-derived 137Сs transported with them were estimated using a set of field methods and erosion model calculations for the Shchekino reservoir (Tula region) catchment, and changes in the contents of 137Сs in soils of various types that occurred over 1986–2018 were determined.

Suspended sediment budget and intra-event sediment dynamics of a small glaciated mountainous catchment in the Northern Caucasus

The sediment dynamics of (peri-)glacial catchments can be highly variable and complex. Understanding these dynamics and their underlying causes is not only of interest from a scientific perspective but also required to address the practical problems with which they are often associated. In order to better understand the sediment dynamics of glaciated mountainous catchments, suspended sediment fluxes in the 9.1 km² Djankuat catchment (North Caucasus, Russia) were monitored intensively during the 2017 ablation season.

Contemporary suspended sediment yield of Caucasus mountains

We present an overview of the existing contemporary SSY data from gauging stations observations. Based on these data and different models, we propose preliminary maps of the spatial patterns of SSY and denudation rates in the Caucasus region.